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In case of QuickAnswers-Tax, the laws and Supreme Court Cases are available in Nepali because Nepali versions are the authentic version for legal purpose. All technical cases are available in English.
In case of QuickAnswers-FI, all technical cases are available in English.
QuickAnswers is a ready reference for you. You can always log-in to search answer for your tax query, or check legal provisions or understand the practical difficulties relating to your issue. 
  • A ready to use online reference, whenever needed, with comprehensive, practical, high-quality tax information, including court cases.
  • Access to tax laws and rules of last five years, Income Tax Directives, Circulars, forms, and technical questions written by experts
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  • Options to "Ask Question" if it is not covered in the pool of technical questions.
QuickAnswers is the portal for foreign investors that answers queries regarding doing business in Nepal by foreigners. Written by corporate lawyers and Chartered Accountants experienced in assisting foreign investors in doing business, it covers practical question on following major areas, answering all major queries :
  • Investment Related Legal Provisions, restricted area, capital requirements, governing bodies etc.
  • Procedural Requirement for investment in Nepal
  • Options for Business Structures
  • Income Tax Compliance requirement for business
  • Expat Tax provisions
  • Labor Laws
  • Repatriation Issues
  • Forex Provision, including requirement for injecting capital
  • Audit and Accounting Requirement
QuickAnswers-Tax is the first and only comprehensive online tax portal in Nepal, that seeks to provide answers to most of the practical issues that tax payers face, and gives you insights of supreme court rulings and tribunal decisions. It gives you access to:
  • Over 100 selected tax cases from Supreme Court of Nepal, Revenue Tribunal and also from Indian courts as reference materials.
  • Answer to over 300 practical technical questions on Nepal Tax. Online advise to your tax query, with our “Ask Question” feature.
  • Income Tax Act and Rules of last five years, arranged on section basis, hyperlinked/cross referenced to other sections
  • Expert Comment on all major sections
  • Income Tax Directives rearranged on section basis, cross referenced to other sections
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15 Feb. 2016- In an exclusive interview given for Artha Sarokar, Lead Tax Consultant of Aster, Mukunda Dev Adhikari highlighted the need of government showing will power to look into the structure of Teliasonera for its holding in NCell and the offshore share transfer to Axiata. 
The interview can be watched here and a summary of interview can be read in Ratopati
Our newsletter, Kar Ka Kura also summarizes the major tax issues in the transaction. 
21 October 2015
IRD has extended tax return submission and payments deadlines.......
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Before a recent Senate Estimates committee, Australia's Tax Commissioner, Chris Jordan, issued a warning to multinationals and large businesses that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) is to increase its efforts against international tax avoidance in the period to 2019. In a February 26, 2016, update on its "Building Confidence" initiative, the ATO said it will focus its efforts on:

  • Implementation of the Multinational Anti Avoidance Legislation (MAAL) and Base Erosion and Profit-Shifting (BEPS) action plan;
  • E-commerce arrangements;
  • Thin-capitalization manipulation;
  • Related-party financing; and
  • Offshore hubs.

Building Confidence was developed by the ATO in March 2015 to increase transparency surrounding its compliance and enforcement activities.


The Tax Gap has fallen to 6.4% from 6.8% of tax due for 2013/14, remaining static in cash terms at around £34bn, reports Accountancy Age. Tax Gap is the difference between total amounts of taxes owed to the government versus the amount they actually receive. For UK, this is a continued long term downward trend, and represents  an additional £57 billion in cumulative tax collected over the eight-year period from 2005/06. 
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